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Forget about confusing ticket options
AT THE count basie theater Every Seat
Is The Best Seat In The House!

Most plays you attend will feature several tiers of seating: the best seats, good seats, and less desirable seats. With OVADIA, we consciously chose to bring the play to a smaller venue, but one that would give each and every audience member an equal experience. This more intimate arrangement will allow people in the front or back, balcony or orchestra, men or women, to enjoy the same quality performance. At The Count Basie Theater, there’s no “bad” seat in the house.

See seating arrangements below:

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Due to covid 19 the Ovadia play will be rescheduled.

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Sadly, OVADIA has been postponed. Please check out our ZMAN Streaming website, where you can stream documentaries consistent with our community's values from the comfort and safety of your own home. The website is safe to whitelist and contains no external links.