As a service to our audience, we have arranged with an independent bus company to provide a special route from both Boro Park and Monsey to the OVADIA shows on comfortable chartered buses. The bus tickets are being sold separately from the event tickets, as we are merely arranging for the bus company to provide buses as a benefit to our customers.

Tickets for transportation will no longer be sold after April 1st 2020

Please note: Each show has a unique link to purchase bus tickets for that show and departure locationĀ only. You must click only on the linkĀ for the specific date, time, and departure for the show you wish to attend. Bus tickets for each show are different and are not interchangeable. Unfortunately, drivers will not be able to accept a ticket if it's labeled for a different show (even the same day) or if labeled as leaving from a different location.

Tickets are being sold for $28 (round trip). All purchases are final.

Boro Park Route Pickup Location: 14th Ave. between 49th and 50th
Monsey Route Pickup Location: Amazing Savings Parking Lot / Rt. 59